Born 1949 in Dublin Ireland, living in Munich Germany.
I have developed an unique Artform using wood and light to create sculptures. The parts of the sculpture are built up from wood in such a way that electric light sources can be placed inside them which shine throught the spaces between the ribs and the light becomes an element of the sculpture. The lighting can only be done after all the construction work is complete as well as the oiling,waxing and polishing of the piece. The lighting completely changes the sculpture. The parts which are " non-existent, unimportant " like the spaces between the wood, are filled with light and thrust into the foreground. The sculpture is transformed. I am therefore working "blind". Because the effect of the sculpture depends on fine nuances in the interplay between the parts, it is always an extremely exciting moment when the light is switched on.
Now I know for the first time if I am successful.
My experience of 25 years help me to create in the main what I want, but it often amazes me how big an effect minimal differences have. For this reason I cannot duplicate any piece of work it will always be different and exciting. 

The sculptures are beautiful on their own, lighted or not. The lighted sculpture transforms the room in which it is placed, creating a wonderful meditative and relaxing ambience.